Automating digital operations for an After-School Drama Provider

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The challenge

Our client, a prominent after-school drama provider with over 3,000 pupils across two dozen schools in the country's capital, required a significant upgrade to their management systems. They were heavily dependent on Excel and Dropbox for operations and communications, leading to inefficiencies and obstacles to growth. They needed a digital solution that could automate processes, enable seamless communication, and set the stage for franchising opportunities.

The solution

We developed a comprehensive web application for effective business management, coupled with a mobile app specifically designed for tutors. These tools replaced their previously ineffective systems, centralizing data and streamlining operations. We also integrated SMS and email messaging functions to facilitate seamless communication between management, tutors, and parents.

The results

With the help of Effco’s web and mobile application development, our client saw:

Massive time and cost savings

The web and mobile apps automated many aspects of the business, significantly reducing manual tasks. This resulted in substantial time savings for the client and greatly reduced operational costs.

Improved communication

The integrated SMS and email messaging functions enabled seamless communication between management, tutors, and parents. Important updates and information could be shared swiftly and efficiently, improving overall service quality.

Growth and franchising enablement

With more efficient operations and improved communication, our client was poised for growth. The digital transformation opened up opportunities for franchising, and the client successfully expanded their operations into four new cities.

Future-proof solution

Effco’s digital solutions provided a robust and scalable platform that could accommodate the client's growing needs. This ensures that the client is well-prepared for future growth and changes in the educational landscape.

This digital transformation case study displays Effco’s ability to deliver comprehensive digital solutions that drive efficiency, improve communication, and enable growth. Our web and mobile apps have played a crucial role in our client's successful expansion, proving the value and potential of digital transformation in the education sector.

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