Custom Frontend Development for an Innovative Inflight Entertainment Solution

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The challenge

Our client, a leader in the inflight entertainment industry, sought to enhance their existing product offering. They needed advanced, bespoke app development to provide a seamless, robust, and future-proof experience for airlines and their passengers. This app needed to deliver preloaded content in an offline mode, offering a unique addition to their existing client-server model over Wi-Fi.

The solution

We developed a high-end frontend app designed to deliver pre-loaded content directly to passengers' devices. The app, while working in offline mode, provided an immersive and user-friendly experience. It was configured to be easily adaptable to any inflight entertainment system, including iPads.

The results

With the help of Effco’s strategic app development services, our client now had an offline solution that could be scaled to airlines globally. They received:

Award-winning innovation

Our app received international recognition, winning a prestigious Technology Award chosen by international subscribers, highlighting its innovation and impact on the inflight entertainment industry.

Elevated user experience

The app offered a unique user experience, allowing passengers to access a wide array of pre-loaded content on their own devices. This resulted in an enhanced inflight experience and greater satisfaction among passengers.

Future-proof solution

The flexible design of the app ensured it was could easily adapt to any inflight entertainment system, ensuring its continued relevance and utility in the changing landscape of inflight entertainment.

This digital transformation case study showcases our award-winning approach to mobile app development. Through the implementation of a seamless pre-downloading mechanism and a sophisticated app architecture, we assisted a leading inflight entertainment provider in optimizing app performance and delivering an immersive and adaptable user experience.

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